Flix brand is a management and maintenance company of residential towers

The concept of the logo comes to show that the service and availability of the company is fast and efficient, the name composed by the words flow + fix 

than I chose to present the idea of ​​flow by the image of the plumbing located within the walls of those residential towers,

The graphic language was build from circular motifs that give's a feeling of flow in order to emphasize Flix's rapid response

The colorfulness of the brand is trendy and dominant in order to generate interest among the tenants in order to cooperate and report faults in the tower by the application initiated by the company Flix.

colors brand~


one page website~

עיצוב אתר בגלילה אחת

brand icons~

עיצוב אייקון הדברת חרקים
עיצוב אייקון חשמלאי
עיצוב אייקון אנסטלטור
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עיצוב אייקון צבעי

system of flix ~

flix features ~

Service calls feature~

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application design~

עיצוב אתר ניהול ואחזקת מבנים
עיצוב אתר ניהול ואחזקת מבנים